does sampler track2 have multiple audio outputs ?

hi, can the sliced samples be assigned to different outputs ? (like in GA-SE)
for example if i slice drum groove, and i want the kick in output 1-snare in output 2 etc…


No, there are no multi-outputs for Sampler Track 2.

mmm… so sending it to GA-or GASE is needed to do so !
so what is really the advantage of the sample track ? GASE does lot of things it does and with more options for individual sample slices ! (maybe not the new LFO thing ,didnt check it)
i guess it because sample track is part of the program and not a plugin, and also has bigger view of waveform etc…??

The benefits of SampleTrack are its immediacy and simplicity.

anyway those 2 options are there, and if you start something on the S-track you can move it to GASE in one button push when needed so its cool