Does Save as default for instrument work for the project or the whole app?


While editing a score, I changed the name of the instruments via Setup > Edit Instrument Names.

I saved these names by checking “Save as default for instrument” to have the name saved for other instruments of the same type in the current project.

However, after creating a new project, I can see that those same names are assigned to my instruments. For example, a violin is not named “Violin”, but “V.II.”, as in one of the violin sections in the other project.

According to Dorico’s manual, that checkbox should only save the defaults for the current project. It seems it is doing so as a general preference for the whole program.

Or am I doing something wrong?


I haven’t checked the documentation but it’s definitely intentional that that Save as Default should apply to the installation of the application, along with all the other “Save as Default” buttons.

I’ll review this part of the docs and clarify, thanks for pointing it out

Thank you Pianoleo for checking, and thank you Lillie for revising that part.