Does "Save pict of active window" funct work correctly?

I noticed in Elements “Save picture of active window” function won’t reproduce plug-ins on screen, nor MSection settings.
Is this intended to work this way?
Thank you!

This function is limited to capturing the central space.

Hi Marco!

If you’re using a PC you can just press its Print Scrn key (at any time and from within any application) to capture a snapshot of the entire screen and save it to the Windows clipboard.

There are loads of Paint utilities that let you paste the clipboard as a new image and save it.


Dear PG,

Thank you for your answer, as usual. I have to get to your attention (sorry!) that WL6Essential captured the entire image, plug-ins and MSection included! Otherway seems a little useless (why should one save a waveform?), with all due respect, and you know I truly respect you and your work!

@Martin: your advice is great! Thank you so much.

Don’t forget ALT+PRTSCRN captures just the window in focus - can be useful if you just need one dialog… - And comes very close to “Save pict of active window” :sunglasses:

Luck, Arjan

Thank you so much Arjan,

Helpful indeed :wink: