Does snap to pitch work with the draw tools?

Finally, C11 looks like the version I have been wanting for many years. Please say it is possible to use the sine tool together with the new Key Assistant / snap to pitch and draw arpeggio notes in key.

If that works I will update asap.


The Snap PitchBend Events function works for the Draw (Pencil) tool, but not for the LIne tools (so even not for Sine).

Ok, then if it does not work with the line tools it is of much less value to me. Seems like I will not update this year either.

Hi again,

I’m very sorry, I was wrong. I was thinking of the Pitch Bend.

Yes, it does work with any tool. Actually Cube filters the keyboard, so you can see only the wanted notes. So whatever you do is applied for the filters notes only.


It would be nice if somebody could show this in some demo video :slight_smile:


I hope this video will help…

Wonderful, thank you man! Now I know I want to update!