Does SpectraLayers ever go on sale?

Hi. After reviewing the demo, I’d like to purchase SpectraLayers Pro 10. But $300 is a little high for my audio hobby budget. Before I pull the trigger, does SL ever go on sale or is there a discount code that will save me a little money? For the crossgrade discount option, I do have an Adobe Audition subscription via CC. How does that work? Any additional info is appreciated. Thanks!

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I bought SpectraLayers for a discounted price (50% off) a couple of years ago . If I remember correctly, it was also part of the 40% spring sale earlier this year. So yes, there are SpectraLayers sales but I suppose it will take some time until the recently released version is offered with a discount.

On the following page you can find some information about crossgrading, e.g. from competitive products: