Does Steinberg drop the eLicenser Dongle for Nuendo also?

Begin 2021 there was an official announcement that Steinberg has decided to adopt a new license management.

I read many claims that they would drop the eLicenser for Cubase,… But did anyone read (or hear) some official statements on Nuendo?

If you look at the roadmap, it would be locical that the next Nuendo update could be the first candidate for this new Licence system.

It’s for all Steinberg products. I do not know of a road map, only the announcement topic which you can find here on the forum.

Nice move, can’t wait. Then it’s just the ilok and that clunky UAD “dongle” left :laughing:

I really hope this is announced soon. My new studio is even further away from my home. Whenever I forget my license at home, I have no option but to sit and stare at my screen blankly. :persevere:

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