Does Steinberg offer a Cubase timelited testversion for free?

Hi Everybody,

I’m very new to Audio-Software I would like to test QBase without spending money. I haven’t found any information on the Steinberg-Website if there is a timelimited costfree testversion of Cubase 13 LE

Does Steinberg have such a testversion at all?

If yes where can I download the testversion?

best regards Stefan

Hello there,

I think you’ll need to create a Steinberg account and then download and install the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA)

Edited since I was wrong …

Not true. I have no idea where you came up with that information.

The Cubase 13 trial version is not available yet. Trial versions have typically been released following the first update. It should be available soon, I think.

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So what about a trial version of Cubase 12?

I am a total newcomer so using the version before = Cubase 12 will offer more than enough details too.

At the moment there is some information about it.
Sometimes just google it :smiley:

Before it was 30 now they put 60.

I think you can’t do any trial at the moment. And i don’t see any way for trial of older version.

You can, but not yet!

Steinberg withdraws all trial versions of a product when a new major version is released. They reintroduce the option of getting a trial licence some weeks after the major version, typically when the first maintenance update is released.