Does Studio Connections work with non-Yamaha hardware?


I came across and I like the idea and solution. However. I can’t find any info regarding support for non-Yamaha hardware. Will it work with Roland and Korg modules?

Any info?


Yes, you can use other hardware, but you will have to define your own devices for it.

There is a tool named Generic Total Recall Component (GTRC, available on the same page) which can be used to create new devices for Studio Manager. The devices can request and send status or any other data from and to the machines through SYSEX messages.

I created some devices for my Nord synths long time ago. When I use them, the settings are saved along the project.

I’m wondering of you can share some knowledge about creating GTRC modules? I’m trying to connect Casio CZ-1000. Any idea?

Well, I haven’t used it since I started using Cubase 64 bit version, because it seems that Studio Manager for 64 bit and 32 bit don’t share the same devices and my old ones don’t appear in the projects. Now I record the settings of my synths in sysex format, directly into Cubase tracks.

Studio Manager was a great initiative but now it seems completely DEAD by the lack of further support and updates.