Does the Behringer X-Touch work with Cubase 13?


I’m considering getting a controller for Cubase 13 and I’m considering the Behringer X-Touch.
Does the X-Touch work with Cubase 13?

I believe it works as a standard MCU Controller.

My X-Touch (not a “one”) seems to work like it did in 12, although I haven’t needed to use it beyond just a quick check-out. This is using Mackie, but there are folks who have posted MIDI Remotes for it in the forum. I haven’t switched yet because lazy. But you’d probably want to use those if you get one - they even support the X-Touch’s color scribble strips, under Mackie it’s monochrome.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ve just been trying the X-Touch with Cubase 12 and noticed that some of the buttons don’t do anything?
The buttons underneath the LED time display labelled Midi Tracks through to User don’t do anything? Should these be functioning by default using the Mackie Control option in Cubase?

When using Mackie the button labels printed on the X-Touch don’t match the actions. If you search the forum folks have posted an overlay you can print out and put on the hardware so the labeling matches the functions.

Found a copy on my PC

X-Touch Overlay Cubase.pdf (264.4 KB)

Ah thanks! This is extremely useful! Thankyou!

Mine is not working completely with Cubase 13. Most of the functions work as they did with C12, but I find the solo and mute lights on the X-touch get out of sync with Cubase. I suppose I should go through the installation process again.