Does the Media Bay preview work only thru MAIN output?

I use the Control Room but usually the only output I power on is the Phones 1 at the top. However, I’ve noticed that when I preview stuff in Media Bay, I won’t hear anything. That is, until I discovered that if I use the Main output instead of the Phones, I could actually hear it.

Hmm, is this a bug? Or by design? Or something I didn’t setup properly?

Can anyone please confirm that they are able to hear the previews when listening thru the Phones outputs of the Control Room?

Much appreciated…


Yes all Previews are routed to the Main 1 bus only.

Hi Martin, do you know if this is a limitation of the OS? On Windows, all apps (Hangouts, YouTube, etc) can only output to the default “system” 1/2. I figure it MUST be because of this…

So I guess I’ll just have to consider the MAIN bus as my “production headphones” output then, since I’m not using desktop studio monitor speakers at the moment. I’ll just have to remember this when I see my HEADPHONES 1 and 2 outputs in the Control Room, so that I don’t mistakenly use those!

I even tried to “trick” Cubase by going straight to my Saffire software and assigning to the HEADPHONES (DAW 3/4) the DAW 1 and 2, but no dice, since the Main bus in Control Room was still not turned on.

In preferences, you can set ‘Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel’. Unfortunately you can’t preview through BOTH the phones channel and the main out at the same time.

Amazing! I think this will be my best solution since I have to do everything in PHONES at the moment!

BTW, when you say unfortunately you can’t preview through BOTH at the same time, what is a typical application where you would need to do so?

Besides that, there’s no difference in the outputs from Main and from Phones, correct? I mean, they can pretty much do the same thing? Both can be set to hear the Mix or a custom Cue. Both can have inserts. Both can have click track. Both can be used for Media Bay preview (one at a time). So really, there is no “difference” or advantage to using one over the other, correct? Just depends on the user’s setup, yes?

You don’t necessarily need to hear them both literally at the same time but it would be nice if you could have them both switched on so that you can just switch between working on headphones or working on monitors without having to go and change the preference setting.

Yeah they’re pretty much the same thing. Just that the Main output allows you to switch between up to four sets of monitors if you need that, plus it has a couple of additional features like the Mono and Dim switches. But yes, fundamentally they are the same.

Ahh… the Mono Switch… that could be handy. I recently read that going Mono is a good way to get a rough mix in place. I may be getting a bit off topic here, but is this the only place you could “switch” to Mono mode listening of your mix, or can it be done somehow in the MixConsole? Or worst case, I may be able to do it in Saffire’s MixControl, since I will most likely use the VRM feature anyway. But yeah, please let me know if Mono can be done any other way than on the Main bus…

I think your best bet would be to find a simple plugin that converts your mix to mono. I’m sure there will be a freeware one out there somewhere but sorry, I don’t know of anything specific.

Alternatively, if you’re not ever using the main out for monitors, you could just route the main out to your headphones and then you can use the mono button in Control Room -probably an easier option than messing around with a plugin to be honest.

Just use the Main out, in this case it’s just a Name.
Personally I don’t use the Phones, and do everything on the Main, I find it a lot less confusing.

Yeah agreed, but the Phones channel is useful when you have monitors connected because then you don’t have to keep switching off your amps/monitors every time you want to listen to your headphones, or changing outputs in VST connections or whatever else -it’s just all controllable from Control Room.

Or you could just add another Monitor in the Control Room and use that to feed the headphones.
But yes it depends on how and what “hardware” you use.
All i’m saying is use what you got, be creative and explore all the possibilities.

Bumping this old thread to ask: I’ve discovered the downside to using a second Monitor out for your headphones in Control Room as opposed to using a the Add Headphone option, and it seems like you can’t have both outputs active simultaneously. Am I wrong about that?

In my case I wanted to hear both click and MediaBay preview in my headphones so I created a second Monitor bus and set the outs to my headphone hardware outs. Seems to be working fine aside from needing to manually switch outputs in CR, which is not ideal in my setup.