Does the Mediabay ( preview ) in Key work? (>Please Help<)

Hi there,

I have 2 sounds in Mediabay

Could you do this test and see if you can preview these 2 sounds in key?

One of them works on my computer and one of them doesn t.
Both of them have the Key information set in to them

If this feature is new for you, please follow the steps below with the Attached Wav Files

Crash Sample1:
Crash Sample2 ( works ):

Hi WellBassd.

I’ve tried your experiment and you’re right.
One of them follows the project key and the other doesn’t.

I’m not 100% sure about this. I checked the metadata in Wavelab and the file that doesn’t work with the project key seems to be an acid file. There is some extra data compared to the other one.


After that there are attributes which are same for both files and contain the Cubase mediabay key,tempo…

After deleting the “flag1” attributes both files work with the project key.

Maybe use Tuner or vari-audio?
since its a crash sample, it has alot of high end so hard to find fundamental Hz

Thank you, this is very helpful.

Do you know if removing the flag attributes could be Batch Processed in Wavelab ?

Yes, you can process metadata in a batch, but while adding id3 tags (title, artist…)to several files at once is relatively straightforward, messing with xml is not.

At least I didn’t get my head around it.