Does the 'RECORD' function in Groove Agent 4.2 work?

I’ve updated Groove Agent for to the 4.2 version, and I’m pleased that it’s now easier to get around each agent individually, and possible to assign each agent its own pattern set.

However, I seem to having trouble with the recording feature. GA4 has a standard set of STOP/PLAY/RECORD buttons. Arming REC doesn’t seem to be an issue, but I can’t seem to actually record with it.

Is there a way to extract .wav files from an Agent without having to use the DAW(Cubase 8 for me) to record it?

How do you use the record function to export audio? I’ve RTFM and still can’t figure this out. Is there a bug, or am I just missing something very obvious?

Thanks for the help.



Yes the record function works, it can be used to record your one patterns, these pattern can be exported using the midi icon with the arrow on the agent Tab “drag Midi Pattern to host sequencer”
I don’t know how to extract .wav files from an agent, I think it isn’t possible.