Does the sample keep the tempo in musical mode?

Does the sample keep the tempo in musical mode when it is dragged from mediabay to the sampler track? I use Iris 2, and the sample is reset to original tempo, when it is dragged from mediabay.


The MediaBay doesn’t know about the Musical Mode in the project. MediaBay handles an external files. Musical Mode is an internal change, how is the file handled in the project. But the original file (where the MediaBay refer to) doesn’t change.

So when you drag the file from MediaBay to the Sampler Track, the original tempo is used.

In the lower right corner of mediabay there is a button called align beat to project, this adapts the sample tempo to the project. I use it all the time, and when i drag it into the project from mediabay, the sample is adapted to the tempo of the project. So I want to know, if the sample still adapts to the tempo when dragged into sampler track? If it do not remember the project tempo, then i think, that sampler track is more or less useless to me, unless sampler track has its own adapt sample to tempo of project button. Does it?


This (Align Beats to Project) is done by MediaBay in realtime. So you can hear the loop in the same tempo, as the project is. But the original file is still untouched.

Once you drag the file to the Sampler Track, you get the original speed (so it’s not synced with the tempo). But you can sync it very easily. There is the AudioWarp tab. Once you enable it, the loop become in sync with the tempo of the project.

Sounds good. Is this audio warp tab a feature in the sampler track or where? I do not have cubase 9 yet but considering buying it…thanks

Yes, the Audio Warp tab is part of Sampler Track.

So great thanks man :wink: