Does the stage template work with VEP Pro?

Despite all instrumenrs having an expression map eith the stage template tag activated I cannot see any instruments when I open the stage popup for a project with all instruments loaded in VEP.

Is iVEP not comqptiple with the stage template like Note Performer or am I doing something wrong?

I tried it but it yielded strange results (missing instruments, mostly). You have to make sure the instruments (channels) in VEP (server) go to individual outputs. In Dorico, those outputs are exposed by clicking “Unused” in the mixer pane.

Because it was so unpredictable, I just do all my routing in VEP (server) and send everything to Output 1/2 for Dorico to pick up. VEP (server) has a much more comprehensive set of mixer tools, not to mention MIR.

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Many thanks @derAbgang for the fast reply. I made a small file with only three instruments and now there is indeed a dot in with all instruments in the middle at the bottom of the stage popup. You cannot shift the instruments however they just pop back to the middle. Panning manually the mixer lets you shift the instrument dots horizontally but only to the extreme left and right.

I experimented with both input and output channels but it does not work.

Lilly, if you see this post, maybe It would be good if the manual would show well known libraries (like Note Performer) and other plugins for which the stage template function does not work.

I remember this happening as well. I believe the solution was to make sure the reverb (with appropriate values) is set up in the stage template.

Great that is indeed it. I loaded a space template and now the instruments show up and can be moved. I assumed the default space template would already take care of this. but no.

Also important to mention not only in expression maps but also in percussion maps the. stage template use has to be activated even if the instrument percussion also has an expression map.