Does the Steinberg Power Scheme turn off GeForce Experience?

A bit of a technical question here… I recently did a massive upgrade on my GPU (graphics card) and I installed the NVidia GeForce Experience so that my drivers would remain up to date. I think I had read some years ago not to install this, and to just install the drivers. Is this still the case, or does the Steinberg Power Scheme which activates when running Cubase - does that disable GeForceExperience?


" Graphic cards/graphics processing unit (GPU)
Use the latest official Windows drivers provided, but do not install the additional software that comes with the driver! PhysX, GeForce Experience, AMD Settings (formerly Catalyst Control Center) are mostly game-related features not needed on a DAW. They consume extra CPU resources and may mess up the processing priorities to the disadvantage of audio real-time processing"