Does the virtual keyboard in lower zone always plays the top stave?

Even if I select another staff I always get the sound from the top staff.
Issue or design ?

You should find it plays whichever staff was most recently primed for MIDI monitoring, which normally means the staff on which something was last selected, or the staff on which something is currently selected.

Well - it doesn’t when I press a key with the mouse.
And if I move the staves around, it still plays what used to be the top stave.
When using a midi keyboard it’s ok.

It seems to work fine here: Note Entry uses the current staff’s sound; selection is the same.

Hi Guys,
@Mads_Vinding is correct, there is a problem with the KeyEditor in Write Mode. Especially during playback if you select another Staff, the KeyEditor doesn’t switch.
This issue appears from time to time. Sometimes it works as expected, sometimes - not.
I already experienced this issue few times.

Best wishes,

Thurisaz, please read Mads’s post. He’s talking about the on-screen keyboard and the sound that is used for auditioning when you click the keys on the screen, not the Key Editor.

Sorry, Daniel!
I haven’t read it carefully.
But still there is a problem with the Key Editor, which sometimes doesn’t switch to the newly selected Staff.

Once you have a reproducible case, Thurisaz, please be sure to post the required steps, and we will investigate and hopefully fix the problem.

Hi Daniel, I feel this is somewhat related to my other post, but just wanted to say that I’ve discovered I’m experiencing the same issue as the others.

Steps: I created a new blank score with Cmd+N, added a Voice and Piano, and when I either click on the piano staff and play notes on the on-screen keyboard, or enter note input mode and play notes on the on-screen keyboard, I hear the vocal staff.

Peculiarly, if I swap the order of the instruments in setup mode so that the voice is underneath the piano, I still hear the voice when entering notes on the piano staff or playing notes with it selected.

So I then created a new score but this time added the piano first, then the voice second (Dorico took care of the correct score ordering, of course, so the voice appears above the piano), and now the reverse is true: playing notes with the voice selected I hear the piano.

(I should note that the notes still end up in the right place in the score, it’s just the sound that’s wrong, so it’s easy to deal with :slight_smile: )


That’s exactly what I’ m experiencing…

I think I’ve happened upon the cause. In my current project I have my Keyboard 2 player routed to a MIDI output which is in turn routed to MainStage, and everything else is routed to a single instance of HALion.

I just tried playing the on-screen keyboard with the Keyboard 2 instrument selected and it worked exactly as intended. This makes me think that the on-screen keyboard is only sending on MIDI channel 1, which would explain why it always is routed to the first loaded instrument in HALion.

To confirm, I created a new instance of HALion and loaded a patch into channel 2, routed an instrument in Dorico to that channel – no sound from the on-screen keyboard, but can definitely hear playback and normal note-input auditioning.

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You are right. I tried changing channels in Halion, so slot 2 is midi channel 1, and now I get the sound in slot 2. :roll_eyes:


Thanks for reporting this, folks. This will be fixed in the first maintenance update when it arrives. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.