Does Track Volume = CC#7 with new automation?

The 1.8 PDF lists “Track Volume” as an automatable parameter but does it respond to CC#7 from an external MIDI device during recording or is that only recordable (with onscreen fader, I assume) after note data has been recorded on the track?


CC7 belongs to the standard MIDI CC’s.
It is availabe in the MIDI CC editor and can be easily drawn via the draw tool (located in the sub menu).

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Thanks for the response.

I got Cubasis yesterday and that’s exactly what I see:
Track volume will not respond to CC#7 but it has an automation parameter that can be recorded or drawn.
CC#7 will record into the key editor but won’t do anything unless the synth it’s sent to responds to CC#7 (which the internal Cubasis synths do not).