Does VPN use adversely affect DAW activities?

Hi - I know some plug-ins and other things tee off on the computer ID for authorization. I’m going to be doing some traveling, and for hotel internet privacy am looking at setting up one of the VPNs. As far as I know (which is very little here, and may be incorrect) VPN’s assign a new IP address, but don’t do anything in terms of affecting other ways to identify a computer (like MOBO identification, etc.).

I was wondering, would that get in the way of using the DAW, maybe something like Waves, or Cubase, or something else?

Thank you!

i think it will be fine but just to be safe i wouldn’t mess with any authorizations over the vpn

Thanks, sounds like good advice. I guess plugins/VSTs probably don’t use IP addresses as a security check … ?

Seems very unlikely that they would…and FWIW, I travel a lot with my Laptop using different IP addresses without issue. For that matter, many (most?) domestic IP addresses are dynamic so change all the time.

Cool, thanks. Will report back if anything interesting.

In my experience, VPN’s won’t have any effect whatsoever.

I am using expressvpn and it doesn’t create any problem with DAW activities. I don’t think so changing IP affect DAW just go with your details and use it simply.

It’s basically only the physical adapter(s) that can create issues with real time audio performance. If you don’t have any under normal circumstances this ‘virtual’ VPN adapter won’t create any. I also use a VPN service sometimes and never encountered any issues.

Associating IP addresses to services is a horrible practice, dynamic IP’s are very common, I have one and frequently some services asks me for tedious confirmations when my IP changes.

Its the same from me. The most common is fb or sometimes even gmail, its quite bothersome. But for DAW, I have never experienced any changes, I use that one but considering to replace it soon. Maybe it also differs from the vpn? I have heard that when you watch netflix, then the streaming service has blocked some common private network IPs, does anybody knows if there is something similar with DAWs?

Hotspot Shield is most emphatically not secure. For whatever reason, it does not actually mask your IP. While other VPN providers will protect you against websites using Javascript to determine your IP address, Hotspot Shield does not.. Something that’s really important to point out is how crucial TRUST is when choosing a VPN. Before you pick one, you have to ask yourself, is this the best VPN to protect my privacy Do I trust them to provide a fast service? Do I trust them to respond to any new geopolitical or technical threats that come their way?