Does VST Connect actually work without crashing?

I recently switched to Cubase from Reaper solely for the VST Connect feature. After spending long hours learning how to use cubase within a window of about a month, I finally tried to use the VST Connect feature and it was nothing short of a nightmare. I spent the better part of a day trying every conceivable option to get it to work properly. I did all of the recommended settings that are suggested at the end of the newest manual and nothing helped. I tried Mac to PC and then even Mac to Mac with no luck. I based part of the future of my business plan on the ability to do “remote producing” with VST Connect. Sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a viable option. Not only did I lose hundreds of dollars in this endeavor, I literally wasted hours upon hours of my life. I question the integrity of Steinberg for releasing VST Connect in it’s present form.

p.s. This is the second post that I’ve done like this. The first was deleted without any contact or explanation from Steinberg. I’m not stretching the truth by any means and if they delete my post again, I’m going to consider legal action.

Hi Ahrue,

I am sorry that you having such a hard time with VST Connect. Could please explain with some details what problems you are experiencing and what your setup is. VST Connect is used successfully by many users everyday all around the globe and we put a lot of efforts in QA and testing to ensure a beneficial user experience.

And just to make this clear: We did not delete any of your posts.

I found this one here…?

We’d like to help but need more information. Can’t find the other post you mention, I assume you sent it to some other index, so pls re-send to this VST Connect board index.