Does VST Connect Pro show up as VST Connect SE?

Please forgive my ignorance; I’m a fairly new PC platform Cubase Pro user (migrated from SONAR Platinum). I recently purchased VST Connect Pro and installed it along with VST Performer. I see VST Performer in my start menu, but I don’t see anything named VST Connect Pro in the start menu, nor do I see VST Connect Pro under my VST Cloud menu in Cubase. All I have is VST Connect SE and VST Transmit under the VST Cloud menu. What am I missing? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!


it sounds that you did not activate your VST Connect Pro license. To do so please start the “eLicenser Control Center” application and enter your license. “eLicenser Control Cente // Menu // Actions // Enter Activation Code”.

See you,

Michael - That did the trick! Thanks! I’m up and running. Did my first test session with from Florida with a performer in Nashville and it worked very well. Thanks again!