Does VST connect work for you?

Seems like a really dicey proposition, but it would be so much fun if this software actually worked.

I see a lot of bugs and complaints, and probably most of the people are coming to this forum when they have issues, so I’m certain I won’t get a good representative sample here - but…

Does VST Connect actually work for you? Give me your success stories pls…

“I see a lot of bugs and complaints”? We can say as much as that there are few complaints, and that we observe a lot of successful connections every day. If you find a bug pls. let us know so we can fix it.

Works great for me.

It took me a while to understand it. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the time to get to understand how it works.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the latest version (have it, but the opportunity hasn’t come up), but I can say that I completed a monumental project between here (LA) and New Orleans last year that would have been incredibly difficult (and much more expensive) to complete without VST Connect.

I did have some full-res recording and download issues from time to timee. There was a handful of times I had to use the non-HD files. But considering this was a project that spanned three months, and we were dealing with less-than-optimal hardware on the talent end, I’m very happy with the results. And the latest version, which (as I understand, anyway) took care of the few issues I experienced from time to time, showed up just as I was finishing,

Bottom line: it does work. Takes some studying, and support here on the forum has been swift, reassuring and extraordinarily helpful. Take advantage of the available resources and you’ll be cooking with gas.

It’s a great companion to Nuendo. I’m glad to have it and happy to use it!



Thanks - this is helpful.

Debating this, to work with a cowriter in Santa Cruz.

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Great to hear its working well for you. I’m a very new cubaser and new to this set up. Any tips or signposts to worthwhile tutorials on the setting up and collaboration aspects of VST Connect. Any direction would be helpful, cheers.

I’d urge you to start by following this link. Covers a great deal of otherwise potentially mysterious territory. It was extremely helpful to me when I first started using VST Connect.


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Great direction, thanks chewy.


Quick tip.

Export your sessions as audio files and don’t use any plugins.

Just have your backing track(s) and the performer channels, and that’s it.

Once you have recorded your new tracks via VST connect, export your tracks on a folder and re-import them on your main session.

Plugins cause delays on the performer’s side. I had a performer recording an 8th late (he was hearing the music coming late to his side. Once I disabled all plugins, the problem went away.

Quick tip 2 - VST Connect Pro records on HD so you don’t have to bother with all the ‘download HD files’ thing, which can be a headache. (Make sure you designate on the performer’s settings that the recording stream is lossless).


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and for your direction. A big thank you to this forum as I can go forward with some confidence.


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plugins with their own internal delay do get in the way, so somecomposers advice is very good. Just try to keep it simple. Also note that you must not engage “Constrain Delay Compensation”, this will disable VST Connect sync altogether.

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Right now there is a strange bug: When choosing the correct sound card driver for the performer, the wrong audio connections pop up. as an example: When i select a Motu driver, i get only one channel of another arbitary driver, so i’m not able to setup the speakers correctly.

Try to reconnect after changing the audio driver, does that work for you?