Does W7 recognize *.wav_1 *.wav_2 are Stereo?


my SoundDevice 788 gives me my surround data in a special format: “name”.wav_1 for left, “name”.wav_2 for center and “name”.wav_3 for right channel. Now I want to give the director just stereo-mp3’s to minimize the data. Is there a plugIn or something for the batch processing in wavelab? Just don’t want to create stereo-files for 1000 pieces manually :confused:


If you mean as 2 mono files then yes WL will open as interleaved stereo
but if you mean 3 mono files to stereo, I don’t know PG will know for sure

check Options / Audio File editing preferences / File

regards S-EH

You should arrange your files on a 3 track montage, add markers, and do a render by region.

Yes, they are all in mono (I recorded 5-channel-surround and getting _1 for left, _2 for center, _3 for right, _4 for left surr, _5 for right surr). Now I want to take only left and right channel into batch processing to convert all files from 96kHz/24Bit into mp3-format.
For Wavelab I renamed the _3-files for the right channel into _2-files so Wavelab should realize that they present one stereo-file. But Batch Processing does not match them to one stereo file.
Isn’t there a process to create interleaved-files automatically?

@GP I hope not to do this via montage - with 615 files manually it seems to be a long long day?


Just import all left tracks on montage track 1 and all right tracks on montage track 2 in the correct order. I assume all corresponding files have the same duration so you can create CD track markers at the clip boundaries automatically with the help of the CD wizard.
Then you can render by region to mp3, as PG has proposed.