Does Wavelab 8 extend the "audio input" plugin capability?

Is there any kind of fix/improvement for this in Wavelab 8 by any chance?
_Currently in Wavelab 7:

  1. I see when I enable the “audio input” plugin, I can monitor through Wavelab in realtime by using the “Play” button… however, I cannot bypass the plugin? I want to bypass it so I can listen to an audio file as a reference. Then I could re-enable the plugin, to go back to what I am working on in real-time.
  2. Is there a way to have an audio file looped that is constantly playing in Wavelab? - and then I can enable/disable the audio input button to go back and forth between the audio I am working on, and my reference audio that is continuously looping?_

Sorry, this is not possible. I agree this would be a good idea to add.
This being said, the Record dialog has new monitoring capabilities: you can now choose exactly which output to use for monitoring (and switch on the fly among various configs), and you can choose to listen only to a WaveLab played audio file, to a recorded signal, or to a mix of them.

Ah, that’s good to know! Should take care of this one then: Recording Dialog Bug

ok… thanks PG… Maybe at some point in the future? In the meantime, I will definitely be upgrading from Wavelab 7 to Wavelab 8. It looks like a great upgrade :slight_smile:


Any chance Wavelab 9 will have something like this? Please say yes… Currently, this is the most important issue in Wavelab for me. I master through external equipment, and capture to Wavelab, and constantly loading/unloading the audio input plugin makes this a very slow process. Here is another thread where this issue is discussed in detail (the bottom half of this thread):