Does WaveLab allow crossfades on CDs?

I use to use Samplitude for this.
It was very easy to adjust crossfades and add indexes to the timeline.
How does WaveLab address this?

Is it accomplished on the timeline or in a list editor?
Is there a limit to the crossfade time?
Can you freely place CD indexes anywhere once you have your timeline/crossfades setup?

Thanks for any info…

It is done on a timeline in an environment called the Montage, where you can also place CD-tracks on different tracks (and much, much more!). I don’t think there is a limit on crossfade time - it would surprise me if there is. And CD-markers can be placed freely (in full Wavelab, that is). Also, Audio in Pauses is supported, which allows you to keep audio running between a track’s end marker and the next track’s start marker (live CDs for instance).
Just give the trial version a go!

Yes, it’s my understanding that Wavelab Elements doesn’t allow to freely move the track ID for songs that overlap, but regular Wavelab 8 does.

You can adjust crossfades manually in a montage (CD layout mode) on the timeline by sliding regions on separate audio tracks/lanes, and you can also fine tune the clip placements or track marker placements in a list form by entering the times numerically if desired.

I recommend Wavelab for sure, I’ve found nothing better for sequencing/mastering on OSX.

Thanks guys.

I am again doing my once yearly “toe-dip” into the Montage - recently I woke up one day with the urge to create a few digital “mixtapes” for whatever reason…so I thought I would give WL a go on it.

All I have right now is a simple stereo montage with 2 “tracks” containing with 4 or 5 flac files alternating per track. I want to create a perfectly cross-faded old school digital mixtape - probably going to a CD or even one big MP3 file for use in my media players.

But for the life of me - I cannot figure out how to drop a CD track marker.

Appreciate any tips.



Simple tip (though I’m sure there’s a dedicated key shortcut): drop a generic marker with the ‘Insert’ key and then change it to CD splitmarker. This can also be done in the marker list for several at the same time.

I’m a mouse person - so I right-click at the position it’s to go, just above the ruler, and select the required marker type from the menu that appears. Then if necessary slide it until it’s accurately positioned.

Coulda swore I was right clicking anywhere that I could and still no marker menu. Obviously I was clicking in the wrong place :slight_smile:


A save way is always to open the desired workspace specific tool window from the workspace tab. If you look for specific functions, this would be my first place to look…