Does WaveLab have Macros?

I am not seeing macros even in the Pro version.
Searched the manuals and an online search.
Been using Cubase for almost 20 years and it has had macros for as long as I can remember.
Audacity has macros.
Am I missing something?

There is no macro feature, but there is a script feature that allows doing things to a certain extent.

I am a Steinberg fan but must say that I am shocked that WaveLab Pro, a $500 suite, doesn’t have macros.

I started using a Stream Deck in my main studio a couple years ago and it does a great job in this area. Then, as I’m getting my M1 MacBook Pro setup and may not want to carry a Stream Deck around everywhere, I discovered Keyboard Maestro which definitely fills the void of no Macros in WaveLab.

Plus, you can do even more with Keyboard Maestro including mirroring the settings to other computers etc.

Couldn’t find scripting in the Elements manual. Is this just a Pro feature?

Yes, it is

I didn’t have any doubts but Keyboard Maestro is proving to be pretty incredible for when I’m on my laptop and don’t have the Stream Deck handy.

As nice as it might be for WaveLab to have macros, the advantage to Keyboard Maestro is that you can set things up for ALL the apps you use, with some clever crosstalk between them.