Does wavelab sound different than cubase

I record and mix in cubase since before cubase 4. (Don’t remember what came before) i then copy the two track mix to anothe directory and master in wave lab. It seems to me that when I listen to the two track in cubase the switch to wave lab, the two identical files sound different.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I imagining things?

Thanks for your help.

Which is better in your opinion ?


I don’t have an opinion on which is better. It just plays havock with my workflow. I try to get as close as I can in my cubase mix to the final product minus any limiting. I find the cubase mix to be consistently darker than what I hear in wavelab. This forces me to try to tame the upper mids and highs in wavelab which I don’t want to have to do.

I’m asking the forum to weigh in because I really think I hear something, but audio is funny. This wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong about something like this.

Best to mix down to a medium from both and then compare on different systems in different environments. Also maybe get second opinions.

Are you sure you have no processing or plugins on your monitor channels in either system?

Thanks BriHar, I didn’t think of that test. I do have ARC 2 in my monitor chain but it’s in both programs with the same settings. I absolutely need room correction no mix effectively.

Importing the same stereo file into Cubase (on one stereo track) and Wavelab (in the audio file editor) with ALL faders set to unity gain (0.00dB) should give no discernible difference when routed through the same playback system (same channels and same audio hardware).

If you are listening through the control room in Cubase make sure the master level of the control room is also set to unity gain. If you are importing the file into Wavelab’s montage make sure there is no gain change on any of the clip, track or master sections of the effects tool window. Also make sure there are no plug-ins inserted anywhere in the signal chain in both programs. Even the slightest gain change anywhere in the signal chain might lead you to believe that the playback reproduction is different.

Until I used Cubase 6, Wave Lab sounded a bit “clearer”, closer- comparing to Cubase. (Of course, I mean IDENTICAL clips, no plugins, no dynamic change)
The main reason I decided to upgrade to Cubase 8 was how it sounds. Actually I compared 2 identical clips played by 6 and 8. As far as 8 is concerned, I could hear more details, the sound was somehow closer. Like Wave Lab…

Interesting- I made an experiment to judge if it is a matter of better mixdown or just better playback. So I exported 2 identical mixes from Cubase 6 and 8. Put them on 2 tracks and one played with reversed phase. SILENCE!
If there was any difference during mixing by 2 Cubase versions there would be some audible trace. But it was absolute zero.
To conclude- Cubase 8 mixes in the same way but has better (similar or identical to Wave Lab) playback. And this is a great thing abut it!