Does Wavelore Pedal Steel VST Work In Cubase 7?

Does anybody have any experience with Wavelore’s Pedal Steel VST? I have Cubase 7 and the full version of Kontakt 5 which I got with Komplete 9. The VST is on sale for half off until June 1 and before I get it I want to make sure that it’s compatible with my setup above.

Thanks for the info.

I have the demo Wag. I’ll load it up and try it in the next day or 2.

[You could do the same as well, just in case you didn’t know there was a demo version.]

I actually figured out that it does work by downloading the demo but I’m having another problem which I posted in the main forum that I don’t know what to do about. I can’t assign CC# 4 to my fader on my Axiom Air 49 and I don’t know whether it’s an Axiom problem, Cubase problem or Wavelore problem. I have followed the directions to the letter but when I get to the screen on the Axiom that shows MIDI CC# -> I can’t go any further. It won’t allow me to access the sub level or assign CC# 4 to that fader. I have gone all over the Internet including the Axiom support page looking for a solution and can’t find anything. This is beyond frustrating.


Sorry Wag. I don’t have an Axiom to try out, but I can confirm that the WaveLore Steel Guitar loads just fine in Kontakt 4.2.4 and also within Cubsase 7.5.20.

Hopefully that’s some reassurance for you at this point.

I remember reading through a fairly long manual on Wavelore’s pages about different CC assignments. Have you read that by chance?

Yeah, I read through the whole documentation from Wavelore and Axiom. I followed the instructions to the letter. The process stops at the MIDI CC# -> display. I can’t get passed it and nobody online seems to have an answer to this problem.