Does Waves V7 32bit runs on Cubase 6 64bit?

I understand that waves V7 has not gone into 64bit yet. Has anyone
tried using waves V7 with Cubase 6 64bit on windows 7?

I haven’t tried on C6 but on C5 I couldn’t get them to work. Didn’t try JBridge though


It is not possible to run 32-bit VST 3 plugins over the VSTBridge.



I believe that most of the 32 bit VST2 versions of the Waves plugins will work
However there are still A lot of company’s that do not provide Native 64 bit versions of there plugins
I advice to avoid those since these plugins are not future proof

Unless you own them already, that is. :slight_smile: That’s why I can’t go 64 bit just yet. :imp:

I got the Wave bundle working with Cubase 5 64 only via JBridge.

But there was a problem, copying e.g. the same EQ into another track. Then you wasn’t able to edit the EQ ‘lines’ correctly, they were stuck or something…

Really, Version 7?

Pity, I really hope waves will make 64 bit version soon. They have a good line of high quality plugins. This will make them loose a lot of customers as everyone are moving to 64bit. Any other good plugins out there runs on 64bit host?

Just for the Record:
So don’t worry to much they are working on it :wink:

Thanks for the info, Dj Ravix. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

How did you get it working? I have JBridge and can’t figure it out…

I just load the Waves plugin file into JBridge and then I got a file called ‘WaveShell-VST_7.1.64.dll’ which I moved into the Cubase VSTPlugins-folder.

Have Cubase 6 now, seems that Waves 7 still doesn’t work on 64 bit, but it works like described above.

On where it goes through the benefits of the Waves Update Plan it gaurentees “Complete Compatibility with all major audio hosts and operating systems.” Its not quite as watertight as they make out is it. :unamused:

November 2010

Waves is pleased to announce that Waves Version 7 now supports 32-bit audio hosts running on PCs with Windows 7 64-bit operating systems. Full support for 64-bit audio hosts is not yet available. Waves is making every effort to provide full support as quickly as possible.

Waves 8 is coming, but I don’t know when…

Some weeks ago, they were asking for some beta testers using 64bits systems…

Well lets hope that this C6 is motivation for them.

JBridge has made it all happen!

Working perfectly with C4/ W6

Can’t wait till my C6 arrives!

sometimes you need to use an app that converts waveshells into VSTs to employ jbridge properly (has worked with and without in case on different installs)

it can be found through jbridge’s site and the kvr forums

The waveshell just make things tricky

feel free to email J of jbridge - he provides mind blowingly good support (has helped me through some mission critical situations)

I have heard waves v.8 which should be out in a couple of weeks will initially NOT be 64 bit - though it is planned for the near future

I am pretty darn sure it will be 64 bit and stable when PT 9 is 64 bit and stable (hopefully waves will be out of excuses by then :wink:

I was successfully jbridging Waves V7 (VST2) to C5 x64, but C6 x64 did not work. I got the error “could not load the plug-in” during initialization. I sent a mail to J and he sent me his latest beta build (1.27h6) which worked without problems. I wish Steinberg had programmers responding like J does…

Anyway, as Chris B already said, there is no way to bridge VST3 plug-ins from x32 to x64 (jbridge can only handle VST2), so you will not be able to use the features of the VST3 version of Waves V7 (which is, for the most part, sidechaining in plug-ins like Vocal Rider, and stopping the plug-in’s engine while there is no audio to process).

Waves 8 is out!

Still not 64 bit.

Words fail me.