Does WE8 Have an average frequency analyzer with snapshots?

I’m trying to let go my old Adobe Audition software (because I don’t want to get into the monthly subscription model when update) but there is one thing that I depend a lot for certain kind of works: his frequency analyzer.

In Adobe’s soft I can select a part or all my audio and do an “explore selection” to get an average frequency reading and save it as an snapshot

Later, as I process the audio, can compare how is it changing versus my initial frequency curve

This is specially helpful when I had to do stuff on the road or last minute and I don’t have access to a decent pair of speaker’s or headphones.

Can I do this with WaveLab Elements 8?


Possible in WaveLab, not WaveLab Elements.

You could have a look at Voxengo SPAN though, which is an excellent free spectral analysis plugin. You should be able to do something similar using the peak hold function and the secondary spectrum curve display.

I see, I will try Voxengo SPAN I didn’t use it much since Cubase included an analyzer in the channel.

I also use Auditions snapshots to compare a a song with others (when doing compilations from different sources)

The weapon of choice here would be Voxengo Curve EQ, but you already have that in Cubase 7.

Did you say it because of the “Spectrum matching” feature?

You can take “snapshots” as part of that process … set the Spectrum Mode to “Avg” first and run your audio, then take your snpshots. There’s no need to do the actual spectrum matching unless you want to.

I see, I find out that I can do this also with Voxengo SPAN, I suppose I will add an instance al the begining of my chain process, and other one at the final. So I can freeze the initial curve and access it at everytime, take a little more time but is what it is!