Does WL 7 apply plugins to the files being burned to CD?

I had a very odd issue come up. I did some editing in Wavelab 7 with a mastering chain of plugins. I saved the files I was editing and then I then went to the CD burning tab and burned a CD of some different tracks. The artist got the CD and said it sounded horrible. When comparing it against the original files, it is pretty apparent that something was horribly wrong. The only thing I can think of is that plugins used in the editor are applied to the CD burning too.

Is this the way Wavelab works? I’ve used it for so long but I never noticed this. Makes me feel pretty stupid if this is the case.
Nuendo 8.3

Yes, the Master Section plugins (global to all edit and montage windows in WL) usually are also included in a CD burn. There should however be a check mark to exclude them from the CD burn, but since version 7 is rather old, I can’t remember how it was exactly laid out…

I think I had the version wrong. I’m on 8. This explains why I got such bad feedback on the CD I burned. Wow. Never would have thought they would tie together. I’ve learned something new.
Thank you for posting.