Does your marker track work? (solved)

Mine doesn’t…it wont aline with the cursor and when I try to put it on a bar it jumps to a different place…

cheers for any guidance on this issue… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your issue, but if it’s that adding new markers don’t fall precisely on measure boundaries, then try what Bo Clausen suggested to me in this post: .

It works like a charm…

Thanks…did that but my marker still will not go where i want it to…when i position it over a measure it just springs to a place next to the measure…just will not follow quantize…

ah well…just another thing that doesn’t work I s’pose… :frowning:

also…if i delete the marker track then re install it…it still has the stuff on it from the previous incarnation of it…is it supposed to remember stuff?

Relative grid active?

Yep!! makes no difference…if i touch the marker to move it it jumps back 2 bars or so…then rests a few beats away from where I try to position it…

cheers… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Does this happen even with a brand new Project?
(Might be time to rebuild your Cubase App Data folder?)

How do you enter the markers, by keyboard or by mouse ?
You know you can enter marker 3 to 9 by holding down ctrl and hitting numpad 3 to 9.
I have newer had a problem with markers and use them extensively every day, but I don’t use the marker track to enter them.

OK…on a new project it snaps to the beat , gonna have to rebuild my Cubase app data folder I s’pose…
thanks for the help guys…much appreciated… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

one problem though…if i delete the marker track and re install it, it still has the markers from the previous install…is this correct…or will re building the app data folder fix this?

edit…re built the prefs and on a new project the marker track works…on established projects it will not work… :confused: :confused:
and everytime i install the marker track it has previous markers on it… :confused:

The markers are kept in the project no matter of the marker track.
New project, no markers, until you set them, they are saved with the project.

Hi…If i install a marker track it has markers already on it…if I add markers,delete the track, then reinstall the track the new markers are also present with the old markers…are you saying that a record of the markers is kept in the project and all markers will be present on a new marker track in said project unless the markers are all deleted before removing the marker track…sorry if I appear to be complicating things but I thought I cvould just install a marker track and use it without weird stuff happening…
I’m just an idiot muso with no particular affinity with puters…(unfortunately) :frowning:

thanks for your time and help my friend… :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right (not the bit about being an idiot, though :wink: )…
The markers can appear in two places… the Marker Track, and the separate Marker Window. When you delete the Marker Track, you are only deleting the representation of the Markers as seen in the project window… they are still in the Markers Window. (In fact, the same thing is true of the Project window’s Tempo Track and Time Signature Track… those events are still present in the separate Tempo Track Editor window.)

Oh…thanks for that info.things make sense now…I un/re installed Cubase and my probs have gone…it’s usually the quickest way for me…my trouble shooting skills are zero…

my thanks to everyone…