Does your plugin use these VST 3 features?

Hey All,

I’m working on VST 3 hosting support in my app and I’m looking for plugins that exercise certain parts of the API for testing. I’ve been testing with random plugins, but it’s all a bit too ad-hoc and it’d be great to connect with some plugin developers whose plugins:

  • implement IProgramListData
  • allow saving of user preset data back to the plugins internal program list(s).
  • have multiple event Inputs/Outputs (by events I mean MIDI-ish events list kDataEvent, kNoteOnEvent etc…)
  • send MIDI-ish events
  • leverage various restartComponent flags, specifically: kReloadComponent, kIoChanged, kParamTitlesChanged and kMidiCCAssignmentChanged
  • request the editor be opened ie: IComponentHandler2::requestOpenEditor
  • request editor view resizing or support user resizing
  • rely on keyboard and mouse wheel events from the host
  • rely on anything else unusual from the host that I should be testing

Even if you just know of plugins that use any of the above I’d love to hear about them.

I’m happy to do NFRs, product swaps, whatever to get this stuff tested. If you prefer to discuss this privately, feel free to email me:

Thanks in advance!

you can try the example plugins delivered with the VST3 SDK… Programchange for the ProgramList and hostchecker which implements and displays a lot of VST3 features.

… and HALion and HALion Sonic SE have implemented all the features. Except MIDI-Out. That’s implemented in Groove Agent and Groove Agent SE.

See you,

Thanks guys!

I really wish more plugin developers made use of Program Lists. We’d be able to manage presets in the MediaBay much more, and use the native “Next Preset” and “Previous Preset” actions with MIDI Remote alone, without having to map controls to the plugins internal preset change actions.