Doesn't load Patches for VST Instruments

Me and a friend tested this (both PC based) and I started a project and shared with him.

He could open it and the midi loaded fine but the two instruments I used did not load any patches.

  • Retrologue 2 opened the init patch instead of the bass I had created
  • Groove Agent didn’t load any kit.
  • The rendered mp3 that I had added as a track and was part of the pool did not upload to VST Transit, nor did it open for my friend.


… sorry, will be fixed in the next auto-update.

… mp3 is not supported yet. Just render your track to wav/aif 16 or 14 bit. VST Transit will convert it automatically to flac and will send it your Partner. Transit on the other side will then convert the flac file back to wav/aif. We’ll add mp3 soon.


Thank you for the information, looking forward to the next few releases :slight_smile: