Doesn't play music Dorico is very disappointing

If you import a midi file , or create your own custom part , there is no way to have Halion playing the music .
You can’t hear anything . It only works when you use the Dorico templates .
How may i import a midi file within template , or make it play music .
As well when i play from the write window , there is not scrolling , so i cannot see what’s played .


P mimran

After importing a MIDI file, go to Play Mode and from the menu choose Play > Apply Default Playback Template.
The instrument assignment might look strange, but within the HALion editor window you then can tweak and select other more appropriate sounds. That should give you some decent playback to start with.

As for the automatic scrolling, true, that’s not implemented, yet, but will follow soon in an update.

Dorico seems to be the start of a great program, but it be really nice with a list of all these minor and not so minor things that are quite essential in a “normal” workflow but which hasn’t been implemented yet.