Doesn't record


I’m new in using cubase and downloaded the version EL to see if I want to buy Cubase.

I’m trying to record my electric guitar, but without any succes. I see the wave of my guitar in cubase but not in the track section. when I press record, I see the bar running, but there’s no input (no wave visable).
How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance


Are you on Mac? If yes, make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

No, i’m using Windows. Maybe there is a similar setting in there. Thanks.
The weird thing is though, that I can see my guitar signal getting into Cubase, but just not in the recording part.

I’ve found the mic settings and was already on. But, thanks you for helping me


Where can you see it, please?

Could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs and also inspector of the Audio track, please?

This is what I see.


What is the Input of the gitaar 1 track, please? To make it work, it should be Stereo In 1.

Actually… The gitaar 1 track is Mono. Therefore you cannot use the Stereo In 1 input. Why you cannot see the input in Mono In 1 and Mono In 2? Could you please attach the screenshots I was asking for?

Btw, I’m wondering you are recording guitar in Stereo. And even more I’m wondering you have different level on the Ledt and Right channels.

This is a screenshot of a new file. It puts it in stereo itself. Because I am stuggling so much to set things up (for 3 day’s now), I’ve looked at a lot of tuturials on youtube. The only difference is, that they could actualy record.
Do you know where I can change the first wave (from stereo into mono?)

Audio connections



We still don’t see, which Input is selected for the gitaar track. But I would expect the Mono In 1 input. But the guitar is probably connected to the Input 1. Change the Audio Port in the Audio Connections > Inputs > Mono In 1, please.