Doesn't scroll to the bottom last track when tracks are in the top divided list


This is a very niche situation and seems like the bug hasn’t been caught due to that.
I really prefer my marker tracks being at the bottom of screen. And so when I divide track list, I put markers in the bottom list and tracks in the top list. But when there’s enough tracks for scrollbar to appear and if you open mixer or any other lower half panel, it doesn’t scroll all the way down to get the bottom most tracks visible, as if they stayed behind lower half panel and program thinks they are visible.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add about 20 audio tracks
  3. Increase height of the tracks so that scrollbar appears
  4. Divide track list
  5. Move all the tracks from the bottom “main” list to the top list intended for markers and such
  6. Resize bottom “main” list to about the size of a single track
  7. Open Mix Console in the lower panel
  8. Try to scroll the list with tracks all the way down

…few things happen:

  1. It does not scroll all the way down, or it does but bottom most tracks are still behind Mix Console
  2. The scrollbar itself appears to be partially behind the Mix Console, which confirms that track visibility or something with track list viewport is messed up when tracks are in the top split list (which was probably intended for markers).
  3. Mix Console appears to be covering bottom “main” list, which in my case I’m using for markers

Expected behavior:

  1. Resized “main” bottom split list of tracks moved above the Mix Console (or any other lower half panel when it’s open)
  2. Scrollbar for the top “marker” split list of tracks and the list itself appropriately resizes to new space above Mix Console
    …which is basically how it works when tracks are in the “main” track list.

Another way to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create empty project
  2. Divide track list
  3. Resize bottom “main” list to the size less than lower panel Mix Console
  4. Open Mix Console in the lower panel
    ->“Main” bottom list is hidden behind the Mix Console

Cubase Pro 10.5, Windows 10