Doesn't work

Hello - I bought v4 ages ago but couldn’t ever get it to work.

So, I recently updated to v5 and thought I’d give it another try.

But, I don’t see any way of getting it to respond.

It’s obviously user error. But what am I doing wrong?

I created a movie.

video link gives ‘file not found’ ?

Does this link work?

yes :slight_smile:

Can’t quite tell what you are doing, just lots of clicking around

Did you use a blank project in cubase/nuendo and use the ‘create vst connect’ menu item ?

So who is it you are trying to connect with remotely ?
Do they have the performer app installed ?

have you BOTH tried logging in with the ID method ?

Hi - Yes, I created a blank project first of all. And saved it.
I then created a new VST Connect Pro connection and opened the UI.

Am I supposed to see the mixer?

I’m not connecting to anyone yet because I don’t know how VST Connect Pro works. Never been able to get it to work previously. Thought I’d try it again.

Does it mean I have to establish a connection with someone first to look at the UI and try and work out what to do?

If I try and connect to someone, it would mean I have to know how it operates. Catch 22.

I’ve clicked on the REPAIR option too. But it didn’t seem to do anything. Maybe it fixed something. Maybe it didn’t. I don’t know. But nothing changed in terms of not seeing any mixer view.

Do I only see the mixer if connected to someone else?


how did you do create this ?

I’ll start from scratch again and upload a movie in a moment.

Here’s a new instance of it.

Cubase Pro 11. Windows 10. VST Connect Pro 5.

If I open Performer, I see a mini mixer. But nothing in VST Connect Pro. Maybe it doesn’t have a mixer? Is this why it says NOT CONNECTED?

I’m confused - the thread title is “Doesn’t work”

what part “doesn’t work” ?


Is it working as it should? I don’t know. As I said, I’m not familiar with it. I was expecting the UI to present me with a mixer view etc.

Do I only see the functionality if I am connected to someone else?

If so, it makes learning how to use it difficult because (if I don’t know how to use it) I can’t imagine there would be many (if any) people willing to connect for a few hours whilst I try and work out how it functions.

Oh well. Never mind. If that’s how it works, there’s not much I can do about it.

Thanks for your help anyway.

no problem.

it’s worth checking the various youtube videos - The best way to learn is to have a 2nd computer and run the performer app, or use the IOS app.

I think it’s impossible to learn it from ‘one end’

If you do use a 2nd computer you need a full PRO licence to connect over a LAN (although that’s currently broken for me) - best to try it tethered to a 2nd internet connection such as your cell phone.

No worries. Thanks for your help.

I have looked at various YT videos. But they all seem to assume you are already connected to someone else, and you know how it works.

I guess I’ll just write it off until version 6 is released.

Cheers anyway.

I don’t see why ? you are going to have the same issue when version 6, 7 or whatever is released.

To fully learn/test it then you need to connect to a VST Performer, either locally or remotely. I can’t really see any other method.

If you don’t have an IOS device or another computer then why not start a new (more positive?) thread - asking if somebody can act as the performer to help you test. There has been many instances of this already and many people have helped :slight_smile: