Doh! Lost dongle

Lost my dongle today… I’ve had it since N2… Damn.

Have an important session tomorrow. I;m also now based in LA.
What is the quickest way to get a replacement??

Any help and advice gladly appreciated.

Hi there,

please get in contact with our US- colleagues in order to find a fast solution.

Best regards,


Thanks Marcus

Anyone have a phone number for US?

I phoned the UK line (as I originally bought it from the UK) and the guy was willing to help me immediately but becuase of the time difference I couldn’t get the new dongle in time.

Now the pine is shut there.

Is there no phone support in the US?

Still haven’t received a new code for the replacement dongle.

Kinda bummed it takes so long… cancelled a session. People telling me that Pro tools at least allows you to make a back up dongle. Got an email and told me fill out a form. Did that. Since then nothing, even though I emailed and asked for at least an idea of time frame.

Rang the UK yamaha line. The guy was helpful but couldn’t access my account as I unfortunately registered mine as US… should’ve stuck with UK, as at least they have a phone line support. US doesn’t.

Hi there,

due to our different time zones…we got this lag…
But my colleague will now take care about this and you will get a response in the next hour.

Best regards,