Doing it again {music video}

It’s bin a while since I’ve bin here!

So hello again. I posted a lot of electronic stuff the last years, but since september 2012 I went back to
songwriting again.

My latest audio/video recording:

How it’s made:

  1. Programmed a klicktrack so you have natural tempo changes between different parts.
  2. To that click I played a guitar and sung words for a slave track.
  3. Removed the click except for pieces where there is no guitar.
  4. Set up the first video shot for Cajon.
  5. Played the cargon to the slave track.
  6. Removed the guitar and vocal parts.
  7. Set up video for guitar
  8. To the cajon part I played the guitar (i still have click on the open pieces)
  9. Set up video for base and recoded it.
  10. Then video for vocals, backing vocals and percussion

Every track is recorded live as a whole take.


Cajon 4 mics A drumegg in the Cajon, two large diagrams (Rode NTK and Stagg) on the outside and a pencil (Rode M3) on top.
Bas and guitar, line in, no mics where used.
vocals Rode NTK tube mic
percussion Stagg large diagram

Mixing audio:

Mixed the balance and stereo between the mics. On the drumegg I used the Cubase envelope shaper to make it more tight plus Cubase Amprack (just a speaker simulator to let the sound cut through)
Routed all 4 tracks to a grouptrack and put a UAD 1176 and Pultec Pro on it. The compressor is set heavily with attack and release on a minium.

Send to a FX channel with Cubase Amprack. I used only a speakercabinet and some reverb and panned that a bit and mixed it with the dry level. In the pieces with no drums I bring in the grouptrack a bit more.
Line in and no more processing.
Vocals and percussion
Some compression, eq and reverb.


UAD: 1176, Pultec Pro, Cambridge EQ and Precision Limiter.

rolled of the low, and did a heavy compression so that the loudest parts had an -6 RMS value.
This because I want the Youtubeversion to stand out also on Phones etc.

I hope you like it!!

Greetz Dylan.

Hi Dylan, this is a very different direction for you. Like the way the video came out. Very cool! Sounds like you’re ready to put a band together and play it live! If I was going to say anything at all, it would be to put a mic on the acoustic guitar next time…

hey, nice to see you back !!!..and a whole new side to you, sounds good, agree with early regarding the acoustic…but it sounds good anyway, well done and stay around awhile…Kevin

welcome back…yeah it is a new direction and I appreciate the versatility. very nice work on the song!

Nice one, it’s been too long :sunglasses:
Sounds really good, I really like the video with it!