Dolby A?

Is there a possibility of of finding a Dolby A plugin? Or perhaps a spec sheet of the freq’s used in the compression / expansion?

I’m restoring a bunch of 24 track and 16 track reels that have A on them. And without it…what a mess!!!

Wasn’t Dolby A their analogue NR system?
The problem was they were analogue boxes and they also tended to sound different if decoded on a different machine as well. Definitely a bit of a bugger, but it may be okay if you take the non DR version & run it through the likes of iZotope RX4?

I am not in front of it, but doesn’t Uhe Satin have Dolby A en/decoding?

It does indeed - thank you for the tip there as I had never heard of that one & just bought it purely for this function.
Excellent stuff - not only type A (it even has the Type A modded version too!!), but also type B as well as uhx