Dolby Atmos and MIDI tracks

Hi, I can’t get Dolby Atmos to recognize Midi (VST instruments) tracks. Audio or Instrument tracks is fine. Anybody?

MIDI tracks don’t output audio, so they cannot have any relation to Dolby Atmos. What you want to do is to make sure that the VST Instrument that’s receiving the MIDI output from that track is routed to your Dolby Atmos bus.

Click here to open the connected VST Instrument’s Channel Settings window:

From there, make sure that the VST Instrument is appropriately routed to your Dolby Atmos bus.

You can’t really just route the instrument to the renderer. It is sent to the renderer via a send. So, you need to make an object (preferable) or route it to a bed.

  • Set up your VST Instrument
  • Go to the ADM Authoring Tool
  • Note that Create Objects from Selected Tracks does not work with VSTi.
  • So you have to add an object manually
  • Add an Object
  • In the drop-down list select your instrument track.

This is from my livestream earlier this week, I have marked the link to start from the time you need.

Pls bear in mind this was a livestream so is a little long-winded.: