Dolby Atmos binaural rendering front L/R channels only

I just watched Dom’s new video about rendering a stereo mix into 7.1.4 with the new update. When I followed his same steps, I first noticed that I had to go into my Audio Connections and change the device of my Renderer 7.1.4 Output Bus and assign my Focusrite to it as there was nothing assigned. Then I could finally hear my mix.

However, despite downmixing to binaural, it seems to only be mixing the front left and right output channels because when I pan all the way to the top, or all the way to the rear, my audio disappears entirely. What steps have I overlooked? Will I have to follow these Nuendo forum post steps in order to hear my 7.1.4 mix rendered binaurally? Or do I have to use the Waves Nx workaround? I feel like there’s something simple that I missed.

If I need to follow the steps in that Nuendo forum post I will, but I want to know for sure first because I don’t know what a lot of the stuff in those steps mean so I will have to do a bit of research.

Have you been able to solve your problem in the meantime or are you still having difficulties and need help?

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Oh thanks for responding!

It was a pretty simple mistake on my part. I had missed the part where I was supposed to use Control Room as my output destination in Audio Connections. All good now! Thanks!