Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool - joining ADMs not seamless?

Hi Everyone

I recently completed a seamless Atmos album mix with crossfades - the process was a bit convoluted. I had to export individual ADMs I mixed with the crossfades in place, joined them in Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool, re-imported to check the crossfades were good - which they were not. There was a short gap between each song. I thought this was maybe a Nuendo issue.

I fixed the issues and exported the full ADM for blu-ray and individual ADMs for digital.

As a test, I took the individual ADMs I knew were correct and joined them again using the tool to see if the gaps would re-appear. Low and behold, they did. Here’s a grab of my bed zoomed in where the crossfade occurs:

Does anyone know why this isn’t seamless? Without the album assembler, I cannot tell if Nuendo is not exporting correctly or if the tool isn’t joining correctly.



Hi. i have album assembler here if you need any help.


Thanks for the offer of help, really appreciated!

I just did a bit more testing - I imported the first two ADM files to check that the start and ends were as expected, which they were. I joined them using the tool and the gap appeared. So to confirm, the Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool is not seamless as far as I can tell…

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You need this tool, but if someone here can help you for less money / free, then cool.

yeah it would solve all my problems! Sadly, since the days of VST3 (1996??) i’ve been windows. I think the time has come to migrate…

just get a cheap (s/h) mac for this kind of thing - doesn’t need to be powerful ?

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You can get a refurbished mac for cheap with warranty at a few online stores.