Dolby Atmos Cubase 12 - convert a project

To use dolby atmos, do all channels need to be audio channels?

I tried to convert a project that contains audios, instruments and groups … and the result is that when I convert it, everything is muted, and nothing is heard… why is this?

Tried using this method:

Dolby Atmos Music Creation | New Features in Cubase 12 - YouTube


Hi. I hope you’ve found solution by now but if not I’ll try to help.
For some reason the method used by Dom is a bit wonky, I just do it manually.
I use this method - ATMOS - manual set up
I will add from myself that you can use any type of tracks, Instrument, Audio, Group, etc. It doesn’t matter as long as you know what you want as Bed and what as Object.
Basically single tracks (mono and stereo) work better as objects and Group tracks as bed tracks.
Hope it helps

Thank you very much for the video, looks like a good method, however, I see he uses only audio tracks… ¿this method works also with Instrument tracks?

Hi Nordlead, yes. I tested it with instrument tracks and group tracks.
It all depends on what you will feed into Bed track and what into Objects.
Just be careful and don’t rout tracks that are already in the group separately from the group as it will just cause mayhem. :rofl: