Dolby Atmos for headphones

Is there a way to render music specifically for headphones .after I render the dolby atmos process to the Dolby wave file I have no idea if it works !

For me , I just want to create Dolby atmos for an audience of headphone users .
Possible or pipe dream ?
Thanks . Anything helps !

I think using the $300 Dolby suite you can render a listenable file… but I don’t think this is available at the moment either in Cubase or Nuendo. I’m not sure you can even integrate the Dolby suite with Cubase. I know you can integrate it with Pro Tools… Hopefully someone else will pipe in here.

The other thing to take note of is that Apple’s binaural rendering inside of Apple Music is a different sound than the Dolby binaural rendering. And there’s currently only one way I know of to check Apple’s rendering - using Logic to actually create the Atmos mix. (This is a recent addition to Logic.)

So, getting a listenable file, somehow, is the first step. Then we need to figure out how to check it through both Apple’s and Dolby’s binaural conversions.

Thanks ! That’s helpful .
One last question :
That wave file that Dolby atmos renders in Cubase .
What’s is it’s purpose ?

It’s the Dolby Master file, that contains all the audio and spatial information. That file is used by a consumer device to render an appropriate audio file for the device. If it’s headphones, it will render a binaural file, if it’s headphones connected to Apple Music, it will render a binaural file Apple style. If it’s a stereo system, it will render a 2-channel stereo file. So, to listen to that file, you have to plug it into some consumer device that knows how to render it. And that’s the part I know nothing about yet. Can you play that file in Apple music? Or does it have to be uploaded and published to Apple music before you can play it? I know nothing. I’m an infant, toddler here. But curious.

I can’t get it to play on my PC at all for now . But I believe it would work if I had a surround system set up on my pc

I will try getting iTunes to play it but I need to buy a subscription.

Thanks for the response . Good info . Thanks

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I tried opening one with Apple Music. No go.
I think this is called an ADM file. Dolby Master file.

Yikes !
That’s interesting . I noticed that the Cubase Dolby tutorial video ends right after he says ,
“ and now you can render to a file .”

Period . The end .:rofl:
What is the rendered file used for within a work flow??
Oh well . I really like sound and separation of the Dolby atmos in Cubase on my headphones .
Sure would be nice to share it with other’s
Somehow !! :nerd_face:

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Wait, music is supposed to be shared outside of the bedroom project studio? woh.

Well, I guess you could record the render, right? You’d put your Atmos plugin on a group, instead of an output track, route all your audio to that group, set the render mode in the Atmos plugin (to binaural, or stereo) then route that group track to a stereo audio track after it, record-enable the stereo audio track, hit record, and run the project from start to finish.

At least you’d get a stereo file that’s listenable.

Just make sure you label the file as --binaural render, or --stereo render.

Ha! I will try that !
Interesting ! :nerd_face::+1:

i rendered the entire signal path (making sure the binaural was selected in the atmos renderer) .
cubase created a surround audio track with only the left/right actually having signal.
so then i routed the new audio to stero out and mixed it down to mp3
it sounds like it worked !

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Love that. :smiley: I didn’t listen in headphones though.

Cubase created a surround track? I’m confused.

But the other thing I thought based on what your wrote was you don’t need to record to an audio track at all (perhaps) but to just go straight to the stereo bus, and render the project. I mean, if you’re listening in real time to a binaural render, can’t you just make your Atmos bus a group track, (or if not, just route it to a group track), and then route that group track to the stereo out, yes? Then render as usual in Cubase? But it seems like you rendered the Dolby file, or surround file first, or somthing.

I’m not sure what I did !
I rendered to a new audio track( entire signal path )
Muted everything except the new audio render and then exported to mp3 . . I’m gonna follow your instructions and see if there’s a difference .
Thanks . But I think I’ll be able to do some surround Mixes for headphones .

I’ll try your method and let you know asap when I have more time .
Thanks for the help :+1::trophy:

Ok, yea, you bussed everything to a new audio track and recorded it, then bounced to mp3.

So, yes, you should just be able to route everything to an “Atmos bus”, (which I guess would be a 7.1.4 group channel with the Atmos plugin inserted), set the plugin to binaural mode, then route the output of this Atmos bus to your stereo out… and just bounce the track straight to mp3.

I think…

Let me know how it goes.

Yep . That works .
With binaural enabled that new 7.1.4 audio track that gets created bounces everything to left/right and leaves the other channels empty.
Route to stereo out
Then export to MP3 or flac or wave

Cool . Thanks for the help :cowboy_hat_face::heart::trophy:

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Excellent. Thanks for reporting back. At least we can share this stuff now. But make sure to label it “binaural mix - headphones only”… or something… lest someone doesn’t realize this and listens through speakers, concluding that you suck at mixing. :open_mouth:

Yep . Just have specific mixes for. “ headphones only”.
Now the easy part of writing, recording and mixing solid creative material !!

Thanks for the help :ok_hand::trophy:

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