Dolby atmos in Cubase 12 - No Sound!

I am using Dolby atmos in Cubase 12 on a mac mini. OS Monterey. Everything shows up properly but I get no audio. Under Project I click ADM authoring for Dolby Atmos. Then I click setup assistant. In the end it creates a bus called standard bed and another output channel called renderer 7.1.4 that has the insert “Renderer for Dolby Atmos”. All of the tracks are routed through the Standard bed bus which is routed to the output channel “renderer 7.1.4”. When I route it to the stereo output channel everything plays back fine, When I add the insert “Renderer for Dolby Atmos” to the stereo output channel then I get no audio, - so the problem is with the insert as far as I can tell. What is going on? My audio interface is the Focusrite Clarett 4pre with the latest driver

You’re not supposed to put the Renderer on your stereo output channel.

It has already been inserted for you on the 7.1.4 bus.

Beds are routed to that. Objects are sent to that using a Send that is set up when you assign an object.

Why do you want to insert it on your stereo bus?

I’m basically having this same issue. There’s no sound from cubase once I run the adm authoring for Dolby Atmos. If I switch I switch the standard bed bus from renderer 7.1.4 to stereo, I get sound but none when I go back to the renderer. Any help please

Some setup help here if you fancy a few cups of coffee etc. (It is a long one as it was a livestream).

Otherwise, double check your tracks are actually routed to the renderer (using the send to the renderer). Look from “Importing Audio Tracks” section if you don’t have time for the full thing.

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Thank you. Will go through It after work.

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This is a good tutorial