Dolby Atmos Renderer on Nuendo

People one help please, when i open the exported ADM file from the Nuendo Dolby Atmos Renderer in the External Dolby Atmos Renderer application, there is a huge change on the volume, almost +11 db… what i´m doing wrong? I´m missing someting?


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ok, i found the problem, i was controling the final volume at the output channels or in the dolby atmos side chain send gain control, dont to that! it will change the volume you listen , but not change the volume in the rendering time! I did that because my track faders was fully automated and the easiest way was pull the volume down on the output faders, dont do that! For a quick solution i put a light plugin that have a output control or a input control last on the chain. It didnt give me the exact same final result but was easy to tweak it to a good balanced mix.