Dolby Atmos Track Names and Numbering

I am just getting started with Atmos Music.

Below is a proposed naming and numbering for 9.1.4. I can just take out Lw and Rw for 7,1.4.

Is there a standard I should adhere to - now is the time for me to change to it. Thanks Steve

1 - L (Left),
2 - R (Right),
3 - C (Center),
4 - SUB (Low Frequency Effects)
5 - Lw (Left Wide)
6 - Rw (Right Wide)
7 - Lss (Left Mid-Surround)
8 - Rss (Right Mid-Surround)
9 - Lsr (Left Back Surround)
10 - Rsr (Right Back Surround)
11 - Ltf (Front Ceiling Left)
12 - Rtf (Front Ceiling Right)
13 - Ltr (Rear Ceiling Left)
14 - Rtr (Rear Ceiling Right)

I got no idea.
But in case you don’t get a good reply here, try the Nuendo forum. Folks over there seem to be using Dolby Atmos much more.

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No rely there. They sent me here lol. Thank you for responding…

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I actually really laughed out loud at this one. Sorry, mate.

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I’m laughing too. :slight_smile:

This all has given me a mission - unwind Atmos Music so we all can follow how to best set up for it and discuss mixing strategies.

We all have the best equipment, skills, and experience. Atmos music isn’t going away. Why shouldn’t N12 (and CB) users lead the way…s