Dolby Atmos

I know there is no mention of Atmos in N7 and was just wondering if that is something Steinberg is thinking about.
It is increasingly awkward in the realm of channel mapping and panners.

A big +1

OK, so I spoke with the plug in developer of Dolby Atmos at NAB in Las Vegas in April 2015. He basically said this:

Dolby has no intention of developing a Dolby-brand Atoms plugin for anything other than PT specific, because that is the only platform they see “professionals” working on. That hurt my brain to hear, and I tried not to act insulted as I expressed to him how far from truth he was.

I suppose you can mix to Dolby Atmos via their RMU hardware encoding unit, somehow, but good luck with the panning natively until a plugin is developed for “up and down” mixing that is compatible with the system.

We, Nuendo users, need 3D mixing options. Our native surround panners are SO good, already. To stay current, modern, competitive, this progression is necessary.

Well, but to them the issue is how many stages that get Dolby certified use Nuendo? I mean, it’s probably really not that many. So from their perspective ‘why bother?’ Why spend money developing for a platform that’s a fraction of the current market?

While the “need” for Atmos tools for Nuendo currently is rather low, I wouldn’t be too discouraged.

Console manufacturer Harrison already know exactly how to interact with the RMU without using the Dolby panner. And Harrison is a strategic partner to Steinberg and Yamaha. So while we may not get a Dolby panner I do expect that we eventually get the tools needed to do immersive panning natively and also how to control the RMU.

Also I bet that the first Nuendo mixing facility asking for a VST Dolby Atmos panner (or they will not build a Atmos mix stage) may change this. I mean, if one looks at the panner plugin, it does not look like it would be rocket science.

The only thing possibly limiting this is if the Dolby Avid deal means it is exclusive so no other “new” users are allowed to access the technology. Only the future will tell.

I especially want atmos for nuendo to. can’t be that difficult. I’ve seen auro 3d is mentioned in nuendo 7 in a vid but have to check.
currently really shopping for an atmos solution and would hate to have to go shopping elsewhere.

protools having exclusivity seems weird, as fairlight has the implementation already.

According Timo’s statement Atmos is coming :slight_smile:

Yes it will, at Musikmesse Frankfurt i’ve seen a beta at the Yamaha/ Nuage booth… looked nice!

Argh. Why are they showing stuff at music fairs and don’t have videos of it for us who can’t come to see? I like seeing such stuff and reading about it. I haven’t seen any announcement or something in the forums that Atmos is coming.

Just look at all the other companies desperate to make news so we people get thrown a bone every now and then. Hehe, I just like hearing about it and then all the fun and pleasant anticipation. I like how Universal Audio does it, they stream live sessions from their fairs where they show off new stuff and you can also watch those videos after the fact.

Would be nice to see some demo video of it somewhere. Nobody had a cam with them? hehe


over here

Coming up next: Dolby Atmos support in Nuendo with a really nice panning system!


I know Timo sneakily announced this there. With one line. What I said was something different.

Video: Dolby Atmos is coming!!

Very good. I don’t need it (yet), but very good!

My projects are way too small to use anything near Atmos, but it’s great to see. This excites me even if I cannot directly use it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I would have liked to see more from the show floor. I think I really should travel to the next fair Steinberg is going to be to get to meet some people.

Does anybody know where the next one will be in Germany where Steinberg and some from the Nuendo team will be there?

I installed the new panner and have been playing with a few mixes to see how it works. So far, so good! To encode, you still have to have an RMU or be able to send it to a place with an RMU. Dolby, at NAB, did say they where creating a software based RMU that will work on Mac, but when I looked at it, it was still heavily integrated with PT. The next step will be to link up Nuendo to the upcoming software RMU.

You can still export a mix if you print discrete channels and play them back channel mapped. That will not be true atmos, but will be a great 3d sound. Mind your bass management if you playback in a different environment. In surround, like atmos, channel mapping does not equal proper bass management.

A big thank you to Steinberg for making this a reality.

What do you want with a Dolby Atmos? If it is handled like the old Nuendo Dolby Encoder, that was introduced in Nuendo2 and it was discontinued in Nuendo 3 or 4, I don’t want that kind of “continuity”!