Dolby atoms renderer grayed out

I am getting this issue. I am very new to Nuendo can any one give me atmos template with internal renderer. It would be grate help.

Templates available at my Discord: Phil Pendlebury

Previous livestream, (N11. May be a little waffly as it was live): Mixing Music in Dolby Atmos with Nuendo | Nuendo Livestream - YouTube

Upcoming livestream, (N12. Will be more precise): Getting Started with Dolby Atmos in Nuendo 12 | Nuendo Livestream - YouTube

Some of this may help you.

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May be you should read the yelow box.

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Presuming you have done all the basic requirements first. Sample rate and channel configs.

Anyway, all the info you need is in my post, including how to get templates you asked for.

I mean the immediate thing I notice there is the speaker configurate is 9.1, which isn’t something the Atmos plugin supports. Perhaps you should set the bus to be just 7.1 (if you aren’t doing height speakers) and see if that makes it happy.

Place your mouse cursor over the red exclamation mark in the center of the Renderer for Dolby Atmos window and read the project configuration requirements., as shown in post #3 of this thread.


Thanks, Phil
still couldn’t understand the basics of audio connections and it didn’t show input connections I am using Motu 8 A.

Provably your problem is the Asio buffer size that must be 512/1024.
This must be set it into the audio interface control panel.
Check Studio Setup window.

it works with Focusrite 2i4 but not with Montu 8A which has got 8 analogue and 8 ADAT out

I’ve found this into the Motu 8A manual:

Host Buffer size should be 512 or 1024

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It works with Focusrite 2i4 but its grayed out when i use Motu 8A or Fast track c 600. I don’t know why this happens.